14 Facebook Messenger Bots You Need To See In 2024

There’s so much possible with Facebook Messenger Bots.

And there are so many cool examples out there already.

In this post, I’ll list 14 of my favorites.

1. Lego

This is a really cool e-commerce example.

They ask a few questions to figure out which product fits best.

I’ll show it in this short video:

See how they used a couple of questions to display the products that fit best?

I think it’s an awesome example for e-commerce.

Purpose: picking the perfect gift
Cool feature: segmenting subscribers by asking questions
Industry: e-commerce
Link: m.me/lego

2. KIA Motors

Meet Kian, Kia’s Facebook Messenger Bot.

(fun name, lol)

It’s a cool example of how bots can be used in the automotive industry.

They first ask if you’re looking for something now, or if you’re shopping for something new.

If you tell the bot you’re looking for something new it will ask you a few questions to show you matching models.

Let’s take a look:

facebook messenger bot example kia motors america

And they use nice galleries to display all the cars:

Gallery in Kia's Facebook Messenger Bot

Looks neat, right?

Purpose: discover KIA their cars
Cool feature: questions to find your car
Industry: automotive
Link: m.me/kia

3. Tim Ferris

Tim is already experimenting with Messenger for a while.

He calls his bot “Tim Tim Talk Talk”.

For listeners of the show it’s apparently obvious what that means

I’ve no clue as I don’t listen to his show, but it sounds fun.

When you subscribe to his Facebook Messenger Bot he’ll reward you with a little PDF gift.

After that, you start to get weekly notifications about new podcast episodes.

facebook messenger bot example tim ferris

Besides sending podcast notifications he’s also using it for a couple of other things.

He’s for example sharing one of his biggest failures.

tim ferris using his facebook messenger bot to share his biggest faillure

And he’s also using the Comment Growth Tool when he’s doing Facebook Live’s.

He asks people to comment to get a certain download, and the bot instantly appears and starts talking.

And after the show he’s asking people to share the recording with their friends.

using facebook messenger bot to share facebook live

Purpose: educate audience, podcast episode notifications
Cool feature: share the Facebook Live
Industry: Self-Improvement
Link: m.me/timferriss

4. CNN

Are you sending your subscribers industry news?

Then this is a great example.

The Facebook Messenger Bot of CNN allows you to subscribe to different topics, and as soon as there’s news about that topic they sent you an update.

facebook messenger bot

I especially like the galleries when you are looking for news about a certain topic, like space.

Purpose: distribute news
Cool feature: subscribe to breaking news
Industry: news

5. Jamie Oliver

I really like this one!

Jamie’s bot is using emoji’s to trigger keywords that show relevant recipes.

I especially like that he’s using keywords in such a creative way.

You type an emoji and boom there is a matching recipe.

Purpose: discover recipies
Cool feature: using keywords to show matching recipes.
Industry: food
Link: m.me/jamieoliver

6. Golden State Warriors

There’s quite a lot of sports teams using Facebook Messenger Bots already.

Here’s how the Golden State Warriors are using Messenger:

facebook messenger bot example golden state warriors

I like that they start very permission based.

The only send you messages when you actively opt-in to their subscription.

Purpose: inform fans
Cool feature: upcoming games
Industry: sport
Link: m.me/warriors

7. Manchester City

Another sports team using Messenger.

This time it’s Manchester City.

Let’s take a look:

facebook messenger bot example manchester city

While I’m not that much into football, I like all the options this Facebook Messenger Bot has.

You can sign up for matchday updates, daily news or news about certain players.

How cool’s that?

Purpose: inform fans
Cool feature: following specific players
Industry: sport
Link: m.me/mancity

8. National Geographic

National Geographic also create a really original Facebook Messenger Bot.

They created a daily quiz that’s educating people about a subject that they are most interested in.

That’s cool, because it’s educational, fun & relevant.

They open with asking the subscriber in which topic he’s most interested in.

In this example, I clicked space and then got a few questions about space.

(apparently I don’t know too much about space, haha)

Let’s take a look:

trivia in facebook messenger bot of national geographic 1

Fun, right?

And not too hard to create.

Another thing I liked is that they send a follow-up 90 minutes after I joined the Messenger Bot for the first time, because I didn’t start the Trivia Bot yet.

example automated follow up in messenger

A lot of bot creators don’t think about this.

But people are on of the most distracting platforms on earth.

It’s important to keep them engaged.

Purpose: education.
Cool feature: Trivia Quiz
Industry: Non-profit
Link: m.me/natgeo

9. Casey Neistat Bot

This isn’t Casey’s official Facebook Messenger Bot, but I thought it would be cool to show it to you anyway.

It has some fun little features.

Let’s take a look:

facebook messenger bot example casey neistat

Noticed how they only showed frequently asked questions instead of a superduper complex AI to process possible questions?

It’s less fancy, but it takes way less time to implement & the questions will always be interpreted correctly.

Purpose: discover content, get to know Casey
Cool feature: Q&A
Industry: vlogging
Link: m.me/caseyneistatbot

10. Reddit Bot

Pretty cool bot too, that keeps you updated on what’s happening on Reddit.

The bot gives you the possibility to manage your subscribers, and to subscribe to trending posts.

facebook messenger bot

Purpose: keep users updated
Cool feature: gallery with trending posts
Industry: social
Link: m.me/1824256624476366

11. Hardwell

Artists like Hardwell are already communicating with their audience through Facebook.

So involving a Facebook Messenger Bot only makes sense, as it’s pretty easy to get people into it if you already have an audience on Facebook.

Let’s take a look at a part of the conversation:

facebook messenger bot example of hardwell

I think it’s pretty cool that an artist like Hardwell is keeping his fans updated through Messenger.

There’s a lot of stuff you can do in his Facebook Messenger Bot:

  • Send a voice message for his show
  • Vote on tracks
  • Subscribe to alerts
  • Send fan artwork
  • See all the marchandise

Pretty cool!

I especially like the possibility of sending a voice message for his show.

You type “shoutout” and this is what happens.

shoutout commando hardwell bot


This could also be cool if you’re doing a podcast for example.

Purpose: inform fans
Cool feature: collecting voice recordings for show
Industry: artist/music
Link: m.me/djhardwell

12. Anne Frank Museum

The Anne Frank Museum is a museum in Amsterdam that tells Anne’s tragic story.

Their Facebook Messenger Bot will educate subscribers, but also helps with planning a visit to the museum

I recorded a quick video for you to share all it’s features:

I think it’s really smart that they also ask people which day they are planning to visit the museum.

That way they can send a reminder on that day & guide people to the museum.

Purpose: informing visitors of the museum
Cool feature: reminder for day of visiting
Industry: museum
Link: m.me/annefrankhouse

13. Spotify

I honestly don’t see much use for this Facebook Messenger Bot, as it’s probably way easier to create playlists directly in Spotify.

But I liked that it’s different, so I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Let’s take a look:

facebook messenger bot

Notice those fancy icons that they’re using in their quick replies?

I like that!

Not so many people are aware that you can use custom icons, but it really stands out in some cases.



You can also browse through different genres & playlists, and share the songs/albums/playlists directly with friends.

sharing a track in messenger

Purpose: discovering new music
Cool feature: sharing playlists with friends
Industry: music
Link: m.me/spotify

14. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is using Messenger pretty similar to CNN.

But what’s different, is that they send you a morning briefing of topics that you’re interested in.

Let’s take a look:

facebook messenger bot example the wall street journal

Purpose: distributing news
Cool feature: morning briefing
Industry: news
Link: m.me/wsj

Over to you

Now I would like to hear from you.

What is your favorite Facebook Messenger Bot from this list?

Or do you maybe know a great one that’s not on this page?

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